4. Innovative Solutions

• Equipment removal and installation
• Mechanical repairs, machining
• Balancing
• Scheduled inspections
• Vibration and noise monitoring and analysis
• Lubrication analysis and service
• Motor amperage monitoring
• Component evaluations – visual, dimensional examinations
• Parts, components and equipments maintenance services

2. Responsiveness

Central Machine & Fabrication Inc. Customer Support Service professionals deliver these qualities and more to customers from all industry sectors around the globe. With services ranging from spare parts to trouble shooting, we can maintain your rotating equipment and help improve your processes.When pumps rotating equipment are critical to your operations, you need a service partner you can trust to support you with:

5. Commissioning

We are renowned in the industry for its innovative know-how and application know-how. We work with you from diagnostics through technical optimization to define the best possible solutions for your business operation. Our service teams can help you achieve increased throughput, greater lift efficiency and improved reliability

Work With Us

Our objective to keep maintenance and repair best practices extends mean time between repair and helps to control operating costs over the long run. We have the expert manpower, tools and capabilities needed to keep equipment in peak condition.  • Pumps • Mechanical seals • Motors • Shafts ​• Bearings
"Schedule maintenance makes you money"

7. Services Include

You have specific needs and priorities, and schedules to maintain. CMF INC. service teams are known for their extreme dedication. Around the clock, 365 days per year, you can rely on us when urgent and unexpected problems occur

Reliability depends on the longevity of replacement parts and the quality of repair of damaged or worn equipment. You can count on our expertise and commitment to deliver what you need and to do the job right first time

Our Services

We do necessary equipment installation and start-ups which if our client didn't paid attention to may cause them problems.We ensure new equipment yields the specified performance and provides long, reliable service, Our company follows the industry’s standards for installation and start-up. Always best practices are followed and all details are accurately managed
• Alignment and inspection
• Flush and lubrication system installation and testing
• Control systems and electronics function verification
• Pump and motor pre-rotation checks
• laser alignment when needed so we don’t waste your money
• Safety inspections
• Start-up and operating procedure development

01.Maximization of your return on investment by our FREE scheduled monitoring/maintenance for all your equipment needs

02. Products delivered on and ahead of time and above expectations

03. Guaranteed Durability & Sustainability for all our products and service.

05. Fast Replacements spare parts

06. Outstanding aftermarket services around the clock

6. Scheduled Maintenance

1. Reliability

Timely quotations help you keep projects on schedule and rapid equipment repair minimizes disruption and costs. Through our continuous investment in effective shop floor and administrative processes, we work to exceed your expectations and keep your operations running

3. Rapid Turn Around